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Tocobest™ Vitamin E



Antioxidant activity

Biomembrane stabilising activity

Promotion of blood circulation (protection of blood vessels)

Maintaining hormone balance

Anti-thrombosis activity

Some Health Benefits for Treating or Preventing diseases







TocobestTM -The best VE for your life.

Vitamin E is the collective name for 4 tocopherols (α-,β-,γ-,δ-) and 4 tocotrienols (α-,β-,γ-,δ-). It is a fat-soluble vitamin, essential for body to function normally, mainly found in vegetable oils (especially soya, peanut, palm, safflower, sunflower, and cottonseed), nuts, cereal germ and etc.. The most active form of vitamin E is alpha-tocopherol, which is the form of vitamin E found in the largest quantities in blood and tissues.

Kangcare TocobestTM vitamin E is available as tocopherol or tocopheryl acetate, tocopheryl succinate, Tocopheryl Polyethylene Glycol Succinate, as oil, wax or several different types of powder, for feed, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic use. Through extensive research and development, Kangcare Bioindustry is now able to offer the highest quality of natural and synthetical vitamin E.

Vitamin E Homologues

Vitamin E refers to a family of eight molecules having a chromanol ring (chroman ring with an alcoholic hydroxyl group) and a 12-carbon aliphatic side chain containing two methyl groups in the middle and two more methyl groups at the end. For the four tocopherols the side chain is saturated, whereas for the four tocotrienols the side chain contains three double-bonds, all of which adjoin a methyl group.

Position of methyl groups on aromatic ring

Tocopherol structure(I)

Tocotrienol structure(II)


alpha-Tocopherol 59-02-9

alpha-Tocotrienol 1721-51-3


beta-Tocopherol 148-03-8

beta-Tocotrienol 490-23-3


gamma-Tocopherol 54-28-4

gamma-Tocotrienol 14101-61-2


delta-Tocopherol 119-13-1

delta-Tocotrienol 25612-59-3



The alpha form has three methyl groups, the beta & gamma forms have two methyl groups and the delta for has only one methyl group.

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