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Oilgin™ Microalgae DHA



The Building Block of the Brain

Supporting a Healthy Nervous System

Cardiovascular Benefits of DHA

Eye Benefits of DHA



Applications for DHA


Eye Benefits of DHA

Eye Benefits of DHA

In addition to its important role in brain development, DHA plays a vital function in developing vision sharpness, or acuity. DHA is found in high concentrations in the photoreceptors of the retina and supplies lipids to the retinal membrane. During the first six months of life, a baby's retinocortical system--which enables it to distinguish between light and dark-- matures rapidly. Healthy, full-term infants have shown an average 20 percent improvement each month between the ages of two and seven months. Later on, this ability to see fine light and dark contrasts will help babies recognize facial features and expressions. It has been noted that when levels of DHA are too low, abnormal visual functioning and peripheral neuropathy occur. Research has shown that, by the age of nine months after birth, babies fed on mother’s milk or a formula milk enriched with DHA have better visual acuity than those receiving formula that does not contain DHA

(1) Works in the protection of the photoreceptors. DHA provide significant protection of the photoreceptors in the retina. The photoreceptors include the cones (for color detection and bright light vision) and rods (for low light vision). Also, DHA ensure proper development and differentiation of the photoreceptors.

(2) Maintains retinal pigment epithelial cell health and functioning of the photoreceptors. The photoreceptors of the retina depend on the health and integrity of the underlying Retinal Pigment Epithelial (RPE) cells. DHA is taken up by the RPE cells, and transported for integration into the photoreceptors. Therefore, DHA is essential for the functioning of the photoreceptors. In fact, the photoreceptor cells contain the highest concentration of DHA in the human body.

(3) DHA is the precursor to neuroprotective/retinal protective molecule. When the RPE is under a state of oxidative stress, a molecule called Neuroprotectin D-1 is synthesized by the RPE. Neuroprotectin D-1 is derived from DHA, and provides anti-inflammatory and cellular protection to the retina. This DHA derived molecule protects the retinal cells from damage and consequently cellular death. This is very important, since cellular death of the RPE, normally associated with degenerative retina diseases, also causes the loss of the photoreceptors and vision.

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