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Oilgin™ Microalgae DHA



The Building Block of the Brain

Supporting a Healthy Nervous System

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Applications for DHA


The Building Block of the Brain

The Building Block of the Brain

This omega-3 long chain fatty acid is the primary building block of the brain. The brain is 60% fat, and DHA is the most abundant fatty acid in the brain, comprising 25-35%. DHA is critical for infant development. Compelling research links DHA to the rapid cerebral that occurs during pregnancy and in the first few months after birth.

DHA is vital for development of a baby’s brain, especially during the last three months of pregnancy. DHA makes up 10% - 15% of the weight of a baby’s cerebral cortex. DHA is so important to a developing baby that, during late pregnancy, the placenta extracts it from the mother’s own blood and concentrates them in her baby’s circulation. As a result, a baby’s levels of DHA are twice as high as his mother’s. If maternal levels of DHA are low, some DHA is also obtained from the mother’s richest store - her own brain. This may account for the slight shrinkage (2% - 3%) in maternal brain size seen in some pregnant women, and account for the poor concentration, forgetfulness and vagueness that many women experience during the last few months of pregnancy. A newborn baby is unable to produce DHA from essential fatty acids until he is at least 4 months old. He therefore depends on what he can obtain from breast milk or enriched formulas.

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