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HyaPoly™ Sodium Hyaluronate



Function of HyaPoly™ Sodium Hyaluronate



Hyapoly-Dietary supplements




1. Is HyaPolyTM derived from animals?

No.It is produced by fermenting the safe bacterial strain Streptococcus zooepidemicus.

2. What is the main application of HyaPolyTM?

Topical Skin Cares and Dietary Supplements

3. What is the solubility of HyaPolyTM?

Easily soluble in water.Insoluble in organic solvents

4. How can we improve the solubilization time of HyaPolyTM?

Add the HA powder to the solution and heat up to max 60 ℃ with slight stirring.

5. Should we keep HyaPolyTM in some special conditions?

Store in cool and dry,recommended temperature is 2 ℃ -10 ℃.

6. What is the shelf life of HyaPolyTM?

2 years in closed original package. The molecular weight maybe decreased during the two years storage for its unstable characteristic of the molecular structure.

7. Do you have crosslink sodium hyaluronate (HA)?

No,the technology is still under research

8. Do you have any finished products?

No, Kangcare only supplies bulk ingredients,but we can offer some guides on formulation.If you have any demands on this,please contact us

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