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Tocobest™ Vitamin E



Antioxidant activity

Biomembrane stabilising activity

Promotion of blood circulation (protection of blood vessels)

Maintaining hormone balance

Anti-thrombosis activity

Some Health Benefits for Treating or Preventing diseases






Biomembrane stabilising activity

Vitamin E is said to have biomembrane stabilising activity. In addition, it seems that the side chain (phytyl side chain) of tocopherol has a structural function, in that the side chain of tocopherol sticks to linoleic acid or arachidonic acid and stabilises membrane tissue. In particular, it stabilises red blood cell and platelet membranes, and is therefore said to have a biomembrane stabilising activity.

LH: lipid

L: lipid radical

LO2:lipid hydroperoxide radical

NAD+: nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide

Lipid radical (L ) generated in the membrane causes a chain reaction of free radicals in the presence of oxygen (O2 ), producing abundant peroxy radicals (LO2 ). When Vitamin E (E) is present, LO2 is converted to less reactive LOOH and EOOL and the peroxidation reaction ceases.

In preventing lipid peroxidation, Vitamin E itself is converted to a radical (E ). This Vitamin E radical is recycled in the body by such water-soluble antioxidants as Vitamin C (C), glutathione, and cystine, thereby reverting to the original vitamin E (E) and again exhibiting antioxidant activity. In short, Vitamin E plays a key role in working together with other antioxidants in the body and produces synergistic antioxidant effects.

In addition to these two principle activities, Vitamin E is reported to play the following roles from the clinical standpoint.

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