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Coengy™ Coenzyme Q10



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Applications-Personal Care


Applications-Personal Care

Our skin is attacked by various oxidative stresses from outside such as UV radiation and from inside by molecules generated during cell metabolism. To cope with them the body disposes of different enzymatic and non-enzymatic (antioxidant) mechanisms.

Coenzyme Q 10 is an important antioxidant acting in the lipid parts of the cells together with vitamin E and vitamin C. The coenzyme Q10 levels of the epidermis is ten times higher than in the dermis. It declines with aging, calculated with reference to cholesterol. Modern cosmetics aim to reduce the signs of ageing in the skin, where oxidative stress is thought to play a major role. Apart from normal, chronological aging which is thought to create shallow small wrinkles especially the signs of photoaging, such as deep wrinkles are targeted by cosmetic formulators.

By virtue of its unique functions Coenzyme Q 10 is an attractive active ingredient for such cosmetic formulations. It penetrates into living cell layers of the epidermis. In porcine skin 20% penetrated to the epidermis and 2% to the dermis. In the dermis it is reduced from ubiquinone to ubiquinol, the active antioxidant.

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