About Us

Kangcare was established in 2007, producing & supplying active ingredients in the fields of health care and skin care. Which have been committed to market exploration, technological innovation, efficiency improvement and value creation, providing customers with application solutions and ultimate services.We care about our customers' high-standard requirements for the quality and application of raw materials, as well as their demand for quality services such as Contract manufacturing and integrated solutions. Our strong international team has global market experience, which enables us to meet the needs of different regional markets and enable our partners to focus on market development. The innovative spirit we have always upheld and long-term accumulation have given us a leading position in the industry. Read More


Kangcare is committed to create innovative products and services in Life science that contribute to the quality of life, continuously providing customers with high-quality, high-performance functional ingredients and corresponding solutions, and achieving customers' dreams in the health field.
Our strengths:
Competitiveness: we have a strong reserve of raw materials to make our products stand out with excellent quality;
Rationality: we understand the physical and chemical characteristics of various nutrients to ensure the rationality of the formula;
Interest: we pay attention to the hot new forms in the market, and perfectly combine nutrients and taste enjoyment to make health more interesting;
Uncompromising: we will try our best to meet your manufacturing requirements, both in dosage form and quality.

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